Ombudsman consults San women

The Ombudsman Adv. John Walters had a consultative meeting with women from the san community to discuss matters that affect them. Adv. Walters is a passionate advocate for the rights of indigenous persons (IPs). The women raised their concerns about health care, employment and education. The discussions revealed that discrimination against the san community is still rife in many parts of the country; the women are from Tsintsabis, Omega and M’kata respectively. They even mentioned that some healthcare providers were rude to them and would not assist them when they need help.

On his part the Ombudsman expressed shock and dissatisfaction at the way the san community is treated. He also promised to visit certain areas in order to see first-hand, the hardships faced by the san community. IPs are included in the National human rights action plan (NHRAP) which was launched by the Office of the Ombudsman in December 2014. Some of the key concerns identified for IPs in the NHRAP were that they are rarely consulted on national development issues as well as projects and programmes that are aimed at their own development.   Lack of access to healthcare, income ,education and other basic services were also identified in the NHRAP as issues affecting the San and other IPs.sarodi1121091